We Manufacture Compact, Efficient, High Power RF Amplifiers

DELTA-SIGMA Inc. (DSI) is an established designer and manufacturer of high performance RF amplifiers, components and subsystems for Radar and Communications applications in the Environmental Sciences, Commercial Industries, and specialist Defense Programs.

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DSI‘s Riverside facility has 12,500 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with co-located R&D resources to support new initiatives in the areas of design and evolution of our products to new requirements. Our novel manufacturing techniques provide substantial cost advantages over traditional approaches, especially in the most extreme environments. Our track record in support of Government programs has shown a continuing commitment to our principal core business beliefs.


Our Focus is:


Rapid adaptation to new components, design, and assembly methods where they can provide increased performance and capabilities in line with our reliability and other objectives.


Our efficiencies are already high (>70% DC to RF, & 60% AC to RF) but our goal is to take them to even higher levels, especially for mobile and remote users where battery drain and power distribution is critical. Lightweight operation, miniaturized assemblies, and efficiency make our products easy to deploy, handle, and operate.

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We have a history of low failure rates, often zero, that keeps our customers as enthusiastic about our products for the future as they have been in the past. We are proud of this, and continue to grow our wall of awards. DSI is dedicated to the challenge of improving and lengthening that wall even further our wall of awards. DSI is dedicated to the challenge of improving and lengthening that wall even further.


Increasing densities of electromagnetic environments require constant evolution of design integrity and linearity to avoid contamination by unwanted inter-modulation products. As co-sited operations (including air operations) are becoming more common, so are the number of co-located emitters, each coupling RF between closely spaced antennas. DSI is proud of its record of reducing third order IMD components to levels as low as -91dBc.

Our business model is one of customer intimacy – working very closely together with each customer to provide rapid and relevant support, and to partner for the satisfaction of their goals. Coupled with innovative advanced RF technologies, this is a winning combination when we also deliver the most competitive prices possible. We always strive to succeed, breaking new ground, creating a responsive internal culture, and supporting our products globally. DSI’s commitment is to make YOU, our partner, successful in your enterprise.

DSI provides and delivers:

  • Products
  • Programs
  • Program Management
  • Research
  • Services
  • Support
  • Facilities

We also seek motivated and qualified people to help achieve our missions.

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