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The World’s ONLY High-Performance Solid-State RF Amplifiers Up To 350kW

You may have caught the story in the newest issue of LEADERS magazine, in case you didn’t… DELTA-SIGMA Inc. is truly the world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance Solid-State RF Power amplifier modules, subsystems and systems up to 350kW for Defense, Commercial and Scientific applications. Our modular designs elegantly scale from a 1kW subsystem to the industry’s highest power Solid-State turn-key systems. We are known for our low system cost, fast turnaround, reduced complexity and exceptional reliability.
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Wind-Profiler-article-cover-212x300 Impressive Achievement Utilized by NASA “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” Albert Einstein

NASA chooses DELTA-SIGMA Inc. for Wind Profiler – confirming that the developers at DELTA-SIGMA Inc. continue to prove they have both knowledge and imagination! The system detailed in this article is the only one in the world. Read the published article here…

Wind-Profiler-article-cover-212x300 Impressive Achievement Utilized by NASAWind-Profiler-article-cover-212x300 Impressive Achievement Utilized by NASA

Exciting News! High Power Smaller Than a Smart Phone!

  A palm-sized 1kW PA has been developed for Remote and Mobile applications that fits on an area the size of a Smart Phone!  It is extremely linear and efficient.  This is not normally possible in the same package. Up until now, efficiency was obtained by driving them into non-linear regions of the power curve.  Linearity relied on designing an inefficient amplifier.  Now both design goals can be achieved in a small package. It is expected that this power amplifier
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Remote Sensing under ice

SAR sensing using aircraft mounted radars flying 1,500′ above the ice can see nearly 10,000′ below the ice using special radar processing techniques.  The cross section through the ice during one flight has shown the unexpected existence of a lake well below the ice of Antarctica.  Organic contamination indicates the previous existence of plant life at these latitudes (with rolling hills and lakes).  This represents a substantial change in the temperature of the region from one which would support life
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