Nemesis, Orion & Jupiter Series Power Amplifiers

Nemesis, Orion & Jupiter Series Power Amplifiers

jup4bak-203x300 Nemesis, Orion & Jupiter Series Power Amplifiers

Broadband Pulsed High Power Amplifiers


  • MRI
  • NMR
  • Scientific Research

NEMESIS series are broadband pulsed power amplifiers systems capable of up to 16KW, operating from 10 to 100MHz. All NEMESIS series are remote controlled and monitored via RS422/RS232 and via IEEE488.

The NEMESIS amplifier systems are customer configurable and as with the Jupiter system the NEMESIS consists of “satellite units” named ORION. As the photo shows, the NEMESIS 1 system is made of one (1) ORION. Each ORION is capable of 1.2 KW, thus a NEMESIS16 can be made from a combinations of sixteen (16) ORION.

A major feature of the system is that each ORION can be installed or uninstalled from the front by using a

unique proprietary plug-in architecture. This installing or uninstalling can be done in a ‘hot’ mode. Each ORION incorporates a self protection, operates independently from each other, and can be addressed remotely via RS422 or RS232 individually.  Thus

a ORION can be selectively disabled or gain controlled via the RS422/RS232 port. All the ORION’s can also be accessed via a separate IEEE488 interface, the software configuration enables the user to operate global or selective command for controlling or monitoring the entire NEMESIS system or each ORION respectively. A NEMESIS1 system can also be upgraded to higher powers of up to 16KW by adding more ORIONs.

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