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DSI has designed and manufactured compact, high-power RF systems and subsystems for over 20 years for Commercial, Aerospace, and Government agencies requiring very high efficiency for both mobile and remote applications where power considerations become critical factors. Our designs are based on CW operation with tailoring for pulse operations & radar waveforms of varying duty cycle—zero droop, fast rise times, non–existent ringing, and highly linear response. Airborne communications, remote sensing of difficult environments, and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) are important applications that DSI serve and we count ourselves as dominant players in those markets. DSI’s systems are energy efficient and extremely reliable with a continuing excellent, field-proven record of few or nil returns for repair over a period of more than two decades. Peak powers as high as 350kW have been produced and installed for major Government customers on a wide range of platforms.

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Delta-Sigma Inc. is committed to implementing challenging designs within a wide range of device technologies from DC to 3GHz with some products up to 18GHz.  We have developed the fastest rise and fall time specified for any pulse amplifiers, and we promise that our product performance is the best in the market, with timings to less than a nanosecond, and less than a nanosecond with noise floor approaching Boltzman. We continue to push the envelope and constantly improve.

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We have developed a proprietary linearizing system that enables us to produce more linear and increasingly efficient amplifiers.  Most of our units have extensive monitoring and control functions via RS485/RS422 as standard and with RS232 and 100BaseT LAN, along with GUI and protocol software to assist with integration.


Delta-Sigma Inc is fully compliant with ISO Standards and implements ANSI/IPC-A-610. We are also registered with CCR and ORCA. Our CAGE code is 02XJ0. The quality control policy and organization documents are available upon request, and customers are welcome to visit our premises by arrangement to inspect any aspect of our Riverside operation, including the automated assembly process and automated burn-in facilities.

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We are a customer-focused organization for professional services as well as for support for our products in-the-field as and when required. However, in the unlikely event there is a field failure, be assured that we provide outstanding service for any emergency.

about-img2 About Delta-Sigma Inc.