Specialty Products

Specialty Products


  • Antennas & Arrays, multi-polarization
  • Efficient High Power Amplifiers, Pulse and CW
  • Radar Systems
  • Military Communications (Ground & Air)

At Delta-Sigma Inc. we have participated in a number of programs where special applications are needed in

  • High resolution Radar,
  • Space, Terrestrial and Airborne Communications,
  • Remote Sensing,
  • Applications where penetration soil and ice are required,
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Special Components

New requirements for these applications can be fulfilled rapidly by repackaging and/or redeveloping from combinations of our standard products and modules.  Otherwise custom built designs to extreme customer specifications are used when the situation arises.  DSI has a wide range of modules well suited to difficult environments operating over a wide frequency range.  We specialize in rapid solutions to difficult problems.


DSC_15741 Specialty Products