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A palm-sized 1kW PA has been developed for Remote and Mobile applications that fits on an area the size of an iPhone. It is extremely linear and efficient. This is not normally possible in the same package. Up until now, efficiency was obtained by driving them into non-linear regions of the power curve. Linearity relied on designing an inefficient amplifier. Now both design goals can be achieved in a small package.
It is expected that this power amplifier module will substantially change the possibilities for deployment on Mobile platforms, and allow for the development of significantly improved sensors and communications devices where available power is limited.
It is foreseeable that UAVs will be amongst the first platforms to take advantage of this technology.

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Welcome to our new depth of modularity.  Multiple compact high power units with new levels of linearity and efficiency.  Ask about available frequency ranges.  Consider the extreme efficiency in your mobile or remote applications. Please send us an email about your Surface, Ship-borne, Air, or Space project along with the power requirements and available space. We love challenges!